Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Michael Penn - "You Know How"

Michael Penn - "You Know How":
Michael Penn: A year ago, I was so excited to be part of a Q&A with you that I didn't want to ruin it with potentially awkward personal interaction afterwards by introducing myself to you.
Yet, here I am, listening to your music, yet again, and wishing I had taken that opportunity to offer my services in support of your next release, whatever/whenever that is.
I'm sure you're not surfing around Blogger, killing free time, but just in case - please email me so I can at least offer to help with online marketing, digital sales, whatever, in support of future releases!
(That's what I do for a living, in case anyone missed out on that before.)"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Frank Black - "Ten Percenter"

Frank Black - "Ten Percenter": "It's been a long week and, yes, I would like to wile awhile.
My mind is like an ocean, my mind is like an ocean..."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Watson Twins - "Devil In You"

The Watson Twins - "Devil In You": "I love it when singers multitrack their own harmonies (see: Belly - "Star"), which is why I love The Watson Twins being able to achieve the same effect in real time. Here, they apply their sisterly talents to a slice subtly gritty 70s-style adult pop."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prince - "When Doves Cry"

Prince - "When Doves Cry": "It seems like Purple Rain keeps being played around me lately, both at bars and on cable. Years later, it's fascinating to watch Prince's obvious mystique sandwiched between his non-acting and over-acting, depending on the moment. It often seems like the best acting in the movie is when Wendy chews Prince out in the dressing room - although it's probably just a pretty genuine moment for her. At least it's better than when the apparently poor Apollonia gives Prince - who has largely been a total dick to her - a fancy guitar...and then gets smacked around, simply for joining Morris' group. (OK, I know it's supposed to be a 'betrayal' to Prince, but come on, he got a guitar from the lady! And Morris does put her in some very fine lingerie...on stage anyway. Prince, in return, only gives Apollonia a questionable hoop earing.)
Purple Rain itself aside, this song is classic, even if it has some very 80s elements into it. The group "ooh-oh-whoa"s are solid and nothing can top Prince's "AAA! AAA! AAA!" cries, done as only Prince can."

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rilo Kiley - "Under The Blacklight"

Rilo Kiley - "Under The Blacklight": "Even though the songs are wildly dissimilar as a whole, the vocal melody in the first verse really reminds me of the theme to Dollhouse, even if it's just a split second similarity. (I've just recently gotten into Dollhouse, just in time for it to be cancelled, naturally.)"

Friday, January 08, 2010

Adam Ant - "Desperate But Not Serious"

Adam Ant - "Desperate But Not Serious": "I have a band-aid on my face today (long story), so I'm just going to tell people that I'm starting a new fashion trend, as if I was Adam Ant from back in the day."

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Folk Implosion - "Free To Go"

The Folk Implosion - "Free To Go": "Lou Barlow touches his poppy side with this catchy tune, even if there's still something sad behind the electro-tinged indie rock bounce."